Understanding Psychonauts in the Real World

04 Apr

This kind of word such as psychoonaut is from  the German author Ernst Junger. He made the word in the year 1970 to be able to describe the psychedlic drugs which is now pushing the world of the consciousness. The word is used to describe someone using the hallucinogens to be able to expand and being able to explore the various alternative states of consciousness and the remains as well as the stigma on the word psychonaut. The word psychonaut has been tied to the word hallucinogens drugs and those experimenting together with them. But then psychonauts is very useful word to be limited to another type of conscious altering method. The American Buddhist and author often describes a Tibetan Buddhist master as a psychonaut saying that Tibetan Lamas could be called psychonauts because of the journey across the frontiers of death. This then led to the entire era of of study which lead to the word psychonautics and its the area of study that must be expanded in definition on a much wider aspect. Psychonauts are a wide explorer of mystical territory of realms and the states of the existence other than the usual five sense in the four dimensional reality. While there can be no universal consensus on what is exactly where the psychonauts are going. There are ancient and widely practiced method that seem to be able t achieve the awareness. That is a reality how could someone who is not considered a psychonaut that is exploring the psychic connections with the utilisation of meditation in order to achiever satori or the entire enlghtenment,

So there are two categories of psychoonauts one is using the chemical meaning to alter the state of mind and those who is using the spiritual method meditation are noted. The hallucinogens have been enabling humans to take psychonautic journey.

So, there seem to be two recognized categories of psychonauts: Those who utilize some chemical means to alter one’s state of mind and those who use more spiritual methods, meditation being the most noted method. Hallucinogens are enabling human to be psychonautic. The west have struggled with the use of various drugs and other natural man made for decades. Check this service for more info!

Being resourceful humans are now advised with a lot of method these kind of alternative experience if it is proven that we can do it. Drumming, humming, starvation, sleep deprivation, hypnosis and other cranial electrotherapy stimulation and deep prayer have been known to bring the altered states in its current consciousness. A lot of this method are creating the expanded understanding of reality that remains long after the method was stopped. Make sure to view here for more details!

The psychonaut doesnt need a religious recluse with no ties on the ordinary world. Niether the psychonaut are seeking the latest hallucinogenic to start the alternative experience of reality. Anyone can be psychonaut since everyone is capable of doing this kind of exploration. Some people may even be prone of experiencing this kind of altered states of consciousness compared to others. There is nothing stopping you from having to take up say meditation and seeing where it is taking you. Experimenting can be done. Taking the classes in Reiki or some mentally and physicaly challenging discipline that needs to require beyond the possible thing.  Be sure to check out this website at https://www.encyclopedia.com/psychology/dictionaries-thesauruses-pictures-and-press-releases/psychic-reality and know more about psychics.

Literally anybody can be a psychonaut, because everyone is capable of undertaking an inward exploration. Some people may be more prone to experiencing altered states of consciousness than others. There is nothing stopping you from taking up, say, meditation, and seeing where it takes you. Or, experimenting with scrying. Or, taking classes in metaphysics or Reiki or some other mentally or physically challenging discipline that requires going beyond who one thinks is possible.

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